Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Change routine within a day!

Guess what, Aneesa just changed her routine yesterday. So about yesterday;

6.00 - 7.30 am- awake and direct feed (while i get fahri ready to school)
7.30 am- i prepared naeem for school while she was sleeping. Send naeem to school at 7.55 am yes of course i bring Aneesa along like every school day. Back home, she was still napping.
11.00 am- she woke up. So in between 8 am to 11.30 am, i managed to take shower, did laundry, housekeeping and cooking. Phewwww. When she was awake, i fed her with the bottle ( milk that i pumped earlier at 7 am). Finished 3 oz! And seemed not enough. But baby, we got to take shower first because u re sooo mashammmmm 😘
12 pm- brought her to fetch abang naeem from school. She was awake but remained calm. Good girl!
2 pm- she fell asleep! 
3 pm- she woke up and direct feed
5 pm- guess what! She slept!
7 pm- awake! Hoho took her for shower. Her happy face because she had enough sleep haha
And guess what.. She was awake till 1.30 am!! Hahaha i was a zombie mama last night. 
1.30 am - till now (7 am)- she is still sleeping! 


Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Just want to update on neesa's routine at 50 days young. Anyway this is her latest picture.

For this few days, this is her routine:

6-7.30 am- feeding
7.30 - 10.30 am- sleep
10.30 onwards - awake! (shower, the only time she accepts bottle feeding because she is so hungreehhh )
Then, she will feed n sleep kejap2 n then awake n feed, means she will not have a very good sleep until 8/9 pm!!! I bathed her at around 6 pm. 
8.30 pm - 1.30 am- sleep !
1.30-2.30 am- feed and talking!!!!
Sometimes she will be awake at 12 am till 12.30'am for feeding then continue sleeping till 6 am !!!

Haha i am a happy mama coz i have my beauty sleeps at night Alhamdulillah but of course i am a zombie mama during the day coz she doesnt have good sleeps. 

Well we just wait and see how it goes in few days or weeks time. For now Alhamdulillah, Aneesa Aisha is an easy baby. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New addition: Our Princess


Finally i had the time to introduce the new addition of yana and epul, our sweet princess: Aneesa Aisha 💜

Assalamualaikum sayang.. Fresh from my oven 😉

I safely delivered my baby girl on the 19th of February 2018 (39 weeks 2 days) at 8.01 pm in UMRA Hospital Shah Alam through C-Section. Did not expect that i had to go a surgery process this time around but Alhamdulillah for everything. Well, it is a totally new experience for me to deliver my baby through csec after 2 normal deliveries in 2010 and 2012.

So here it goes. I went to see Dr Ummul on Thursday's night 15 Feb 2018 for my 39th week check up. She said everything seemed ok so we shall wait for any labour signs to come naturally but if there is none till the 40th week, i will be induced as i am having thyroid issue. Huhu. She did perform VE to see if there is any dilation but it was only at 0.5 cm and she said she did something to assist my dilation. There will be few spottings due to VE process, she said. But i shouldnt be worry and no need to come to the hospital except for these two signs: waterbag leaking or breaking and heavy discharge of blood. Ok fine. So went home and every single second praying that may Allah give me the sign and ease my labour process. 

16 -18 Feb

The waiting game began. The night before, there was a spotting with mucus discharge just what has been mentioned by Dr Ummul. And it continued to show till Sunday. And i remembered on Sunday, i was having diarhea; one of the labour signs. Oh ya, i planned to take MC for few days on Monday onwards if let say there is no sign still.

19 Feb

Monday morning, after few visits to toilet due to diarhea, the blood discharge kept showing and Epul was asking if it is ok for him to go to work. I said it should be ok. Then, after Subuh i went back to sleep but i couldnt sleep. Around 9 am, i felt like i wanted to pee but it felt differently. Then i went to my bed, lying around. Suddenly, my waterbag was leaking! It was getting more and more! I decided not to be panic coz i had experienced water bag leaking with Fahri's. I quickly took a shower coz i know i will be admitted on the same day. I called Epul and asked him to come home immediately. I told my MIL about it and she said i should wear a kain sarung. The water bag was leaking more frequent and heavier added with white discharge and i decided just to wait Epul inside the toilet 😂 
Epul reached home around 9.45 and to the hospital we go. We reached Umra around 10 am. Was waiting for our turn to see the doctor till 11 am. Dr Ummul checked my dilation and it was only dilated at 1 cm huhu but she said i needed to be admitted since my water bag already leaked out. I was so nervous whenshe said i need to be induced to assist my dilation. Told my parents about it and asked them to pray for me. 

I was induced at 12 pm but surprisingly i wasnt feeling any pain unlike fahri's 8 years ago. There was no progress of dilation and contraction. While waiting for my contractions, i recited surah Maryam and Yassin. Then, The dctor decided to take off my induce drip and let me have the contraction naturally. According to the midwife, my contraction graph showed that i was having contractions but i did not feel the pain ! And the problem was, everytime the graph showed i was having contraction, my baby's heartbeat was getting low. It scared us for sure but they decided to wait still. Around 5.00pm, Dr Wan Elly came to perform VE and she said it is still 2 cm and my progression was very poor. Thus she said something which really made me wanna cry "we will give you 2 hours more, let say there is no progress, we need to bring you to OT for csection delivery" 😭. I looked at my husband who was always beside me accompanying me, reciting yassin and few surahs, i was about to cry but he calmed me down. I love u hubsie. And guess what, after Dr Elly went out, i started to feel the pain of contraction! We kept praying so that i can give birth naturally. Kept saying to my baby, we can do this baby! The contractions were getting stronger and more frequent. I have applied all of the breathing techniques i learned, mind you, i was so ready this time around to push my baby normally. I even decided to walk around the room to assist my dilation progress. It was so painful but i guess the breathing technique was really helpful. Then, at 7 am Dr Wan Elly came and performed another VE. But, there was no progression still! Just 2 cm. I was like really? Coz i am really in pain now. She said, this will be dangerous for the baby if we still wait coz the baby's heartbeat was not progress accordingly. I took a deep breath, controlled my emotion while having my contractions still. At 7.30 pm i Signed few forms to the OT room and kissed my husband's hand since he coudnt accompany me to the OT. I kept remaining calm even though the contraction games were getting stronger. I was shaking through out the surgery process. But i forced myself to sleep coz i was so scared. And yes, at 8.40 pm one of the doctors woke me up and told me everything was settled and she told me that they safely took my daughter out at 8.01 pm and she said my daughter is really cute. I could only smile coz i was shaking still. Alhamdulillah it is a girl 😍 Alhamdulillah everything was over and my baby is safe. They took me out from OT room and i saw my husband smiling. I know why. Because he really wanted a daughter. Alhamdulillah. Well, his phone was already full with our newborn daughter's pictures 🙄 
The after effect of C-sect surgery is an episode that i would not like to recall for now coz it was really painful 😭 Alhamdulillah for everything. Thank you Allah swt. For sure, His plan is the best plan after all. 

Now, it has been 13 days after my girl was born. It has been wonderful Alhamdulillah. I am finally raising a girl named Aneesa Aisha, a name chosen by her father.  
Aneesa- 1. Friendly and gentle with others 2. One whose words are consoling 3. One whose presence brings come and peace 
Aisha - alive, well and happily living

May Aneesa Aisha grows as a solehah lady, obedient khalifah, good daughter to papa n mama n everyone. May you grow healthily sayang. Lots of love, mama 💜

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

38 weeks 5 days

Assalamualaikum wbt,

My last day in office today. I have a check-up with Dr Ummul tonight and since I am about to reach my 39th week of pregnancy, I plan to ask her for few days MCs maybe or a week MC? I don't know. Will consult her tonight. I don't think it's a good idea to drive to work by next week when I am at 39 weeks, which baby will make her debut anytime soon (even though I am still feeling fine, no labour sign yet). I can't really tell whether it's gonna be next week or it's gonna be overdue (hopefully not). 

Alhamdulillah, since it's the semester break now (just the perfect timing), I have no classes and all of the marking-related works were done, the exam board meeting had been held, so basically for these few days all I did was online, online and online and of course membawang with my colleagues and friends 😂

So, I did manage to read some tips on the correct ways of breathing in preparing for labor. So, kita share kat sini:

Credit to this blog:

Masa mula-mula rasa nak sakit...contraction manja-manja atau braxton hicks
  • Tarik nafas dalam-dalam ikut hidung, pastu lepaskan ikut mulut
Masa contraction makin kerap dan makin sakit
  • Tarik nafas pendek-pendek ikut mulut, dan lepaskan cepat-cepat ikut mulut jugak..
  • Gaya mcm huuuppp-haaappp huuuppp-haaaappp (mcm lepas lari 100m or 200m dulu kot tp dengan lebih bertenang)
  • Tp jgn kosongkan lung/paru2 terus sebelum sedut nafas seterusnya.
Bila rasa nak meneran tp belum dilated 10cm lagi
  • Tarik nafas 2kali ikut hidung, lepaskan sekali ikut mulut
  • Gaya mcm sniff-sniff-fuhhh
  • kalau tak rasa nak meneran, hembus nafas mcm biasa
Bila dah tiba masa meneran
  • Tarik nafas dalam-dalam ikut mulut, dan lepaskan dengan sekali nafas secara perlahan-lahan ikut mulut jugak.
  • Lepas dgn sekali nafas, untuk elak baby termasuk balik (mcm mana tu ek??)
Posisi ketika nak meneran
  1. Nurse ajar tadi, masa nak meneran ni, position kita ialah dlm keadaan duduk bersandar sikit.
  2. Mintak katil diangkat. Tak pun husband tolong ampu bahagian belakang badan/kepala kita supaya lebih tinggi dari berbaring.
  3. Mata pandang perut (boleh jadi penguat semangat nampak perut mengempis bila baby keluar). Dagu cecah dadaketika meneran.
  4. Kedua-dua tangan pegang buku lali dengan kuat untuk elak diri sendiri dari angkat punggung.
  5. Bila rasa sakit baru push dengan sekali nafas.
Posisi suami ketika saat-saat isteri nak meneran pula:-

Sebelah tangan pegang bahu isteri untuk dijadikan sebagai tempat menyandar (isteri boleh bersandar dilengan suami supaya terasa lebih selesa). Dan sebelah tangan lagi tekan lutut isteri untuk mengelakkan isteri mengangkat punggung semasa meneran (elakkan koyakan)

And another good reading which I have found from this blog

"Kalau ikutkan kaedah sebenar Hypnosis Method tu, dia ajar kita guna pernafasan dengan ratio 20:20. Sambil tarik nafas guna hidung dan fikirkan "RE..." (20 saat), kemudian hembus guna mulut sambil fikirkan "LAX..." (20 saat). Tapi saya tukar RE-LAX tu jadi Doa Nabi Yunus. So, dalam kita sakit dan cuba aplikasikan kaedah pernafasan tadi, kita boleh tambah bertenang. Insya-Allah."

Well, TBH, I did not practice a proper breathing technique during previous labour because I did not do any research about it. All I knew was .... the pain was unbearable! I guess the mindset was already negative (of course the contractions are painful) but let's play with psychology this time, will ya yana???? Whatever it is, may Allah ease my labour pain and labour journey in shaa Allah. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

37 weeks 6 days

Assalamualaikum and hye

I am still here in my office and everyone was like "Yanaaa u're still here??" "Bila nak cuti?". The answer is I do not know. Will see. I can never tell when I am going to have my labour obviously. I will just go with the flow. But, I guess I will just ask for few days-MC from my gynae at 39 weeks if let say there is no sign of labour still. Based on previous labour experiences with the two brothers, I gave birth to Fahri at 38 weeks 3 days and Naeem was at 39 weeks 2 days. So, we'll just wait and see for baby no 3. 

Of course, I am so nervous thinking about THE DAY. I mean, different labours will have different story. Of course I am praying to Allah swt to ease my labour pain and journey just like the brothers, Abang Fahri and Abang Naeem. 

I still remember (and luckily I have this blog for me to refer), my labor pain when delivering Fahri took one hour and it took me four hours to deliver Naeem. Alhamdulillah for the short labor especially for Abang Fahri. But again, we can never tell how the labour journey will be for this baby. Allah swt is the best planner indeed. I leave everything to HIM and may Allah swt always protect me and my baby with smooth and easy delivery...aminn

While waiting the baby to make the appearance (I am yet to reveal the gender...  because I am kinda person who will only tell when I actually see it haha), these are the things on my mind:

1) Gonna meet my gynae this Friday for the 38th week check up. It's gonna be our 4th check-up in UMRA. So far, I've met two gynaes, one male gynae (that time, I forgot to request for female gynae) then the second visit, I met Dr Wan Elly (she's so adorable) so I stick to her till my third visit last week. Currently, UMRA is practicing an additional charge if you want to book for an O&B to attend you during labour. But, I guess I am ok with any OB as long as it's a SHE... in shaa Allah. And based on my experience, UMRA will provide female OBs for normal labour.. and the male doctors will usually attend emergency c-sect procedures. Well, wish me luck!

2) Oh ya, during my second visit in UMRA, Dr Elly did this swab procedure, where she took a little of my discharge sample to check whether I have GBS (kind of infection), It's a normal procedure when you are at your final trimester. And yes, I do have GBS. Thus, I already took the vaginal tablets, Fluomizin which I need to insert 6 tablets for 6 nights into my V! Ohhh I will not tell you the process of doing it hahahah but only 4 tablets managed to get through LOL! So, on the next visit, I told Dr Elly about it and she said it's ok as long as at least 3 tablets go through. Ok good. Anyway, she has informed me that once I have my labour sign later, they will drip me with antibiotic for another GBS treatment. Ok hope this GBS thingy will just go away as I have read it's not good for the baby. But according to her, the infection as in my case is just at moderate level.

3) If I feel OK, this Thursday, I will go to PPUM because they want to conduct a study for my pregnancy as according to them, my pregnancy case is interesting (thyroidless pregnancy). There will be students and specialist interviewing me, asking some questions and they will pay a bit. I will update more on that, IF I feel larat to go that day.

4) Getting more emotional by day now as I am thinking too much about how my boys gonna be during the first few days of my confinement. I mean, I know my boys. I know how to pujuk them when they dont want to eat, don't want to do homework, dont want to pray, etc. I really hope I have the strength to entertain them (huhu that seems impossible for the first few days of pantang) and of course my husband will be super helpful, in sha Allah. And of course they have their opah, atok, nenek, tok wan, acu Alhamdulillah. Hope everything will go well and easy.

5) Still finding the strength to wake up at early midnight or before fajr to perform Solat Sunat. I MUST really need to do this before I give birth.

6) There are still few surahs in my checklist that I haven't recited. Hopefully I can khatam the remain selected surahs soon.

Till next post In shaa Allah 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My supplements for this pregnancy

Assalamualaikum and hye..

Saja I want to record what I have been consumed during this pregnancy for future reference. Since my pregnancy kali ni is not as challenging as previous pregnancies, Alhamdulillah ( i mean in terms of alahan and muntah2 yang teruk), I managed to do more reading this time, surveying on other people experiences (Dulu nak baca pun pening). I still remember, when I was pregnant for Fahri and Naeem, I just rajin consume folic acid and obimin as well as anmum milk. Oh ya , I love Soy Milk so much when I was carrying Fahri. Maybe that's why Abang Fahri putih macam anak Cina sampai sekarang 😄

So, this time around, through reading and friends' experiences, I managed to get all of these supplements and consume:
Folic Acid--- As usual la kan... the moment you know that you are conceived, this is a must vitamin to consume. I had consumed folic acid till the second trimester

 New Obimin--- Consumed this from the second trimester till now (37 weeks) still. 

Anmum Materna --- But i prefer to drink the original milk flavor. This time around, I don't feel like to have the chocolate flavor. 

 Buah Delima--- Dulu masa Fahri and Naeem , nak makan pun rasa tak lalu.. i mean any buah...but this time, i dah makan twice. First time makan macam biasa je and tak habis. Second time baru i tahu kena makan sampai habis sebab katanya dalam banyak2 biji tu ada yang paling berharga gittewww takpela u olls saje2 je cuba
Jus Delima- I think any brand will do. Gulsan ke tak ke In sha Allah semuanya ok. I kebetulan kedai buah kat bawah office je so few times jugak beli jus delima ni.. Alhamdulillah boleh telan hehe
NeuroGain- Supplement I beli sendiri kat pharmacy.. Good for the baby's brain katanya..x pe kita try je 

VCO SoftGel D'Aura- I beli online je. I beli softgel sebab jimat sikit. I actually of course hanya percaya kepada kuasa Allah swt, tiada kuasa selainNya, but sambil2 tunggu baby keluar, why not i try je kan..In shaa Allah 

 Buah Kurma- Dah start makan hari2 untuk tenaga orang cakapkan
Susu Kambing- Ini tips my colleagues untuk banyakkkan susu ibu... but I tak jumpa lagi yang fresh milk..

ANDDDD this time around I paling suka makan ini buah... don't know why
Oranges- Like mesti beli kalau pergi market.. Nak2 yang manis2 masam tu juicyyyyy

Note: All images are from Google..

Thursday, January 18, 2018

No 3: The pregnancy milestone

Assalamualaikum. This post is just for my personal record and just for fun hehe. Besides, I dont think my blog is read by so many viewers hehe so I feel more private here.

At the early stage of pregnancy, I hardly shared the news with everyone I know because of some reasons:

1) The pregnancy was too early and still fragile (I only announced it once I reached 14 weeks or entering the second trimester)
2) I don't feel good sharing it because there are numbers of friends or relatives who are still struggling to conceive. I always put myself in their shoes.
Well, of course I am beyond happy and thankful but I just don't brag so much about it. I just want to be relax and I am happy with it. Well, of course I do share some photos of me with growing tummy but I just want to be a lil bit low profile. But for my personal record here and for my kids to read in future, I want to share the milestone from the early pregnancy to 32 weeks. Boleh refer balik nanti if let say ada rezeki lagi in future.

18 weeks

Yups it's gonna be a girl.. In shaa Allah...😊

Well, for the record:
- I have gained 14 kilos till now at 35 weeks woohooo... well actually it is a normal weight gain for me for all pregnancies.. I gained almost 17 kgs when I carried Naeem.
- I hardly wear maternity dress or blouse. I prefer something that I can wear pre and post delivery.
- I still love to lilit2 my shawl till now.
- Love make up too but a light one.
-Love cooking so much
-I am more energetic this time around compared to previous pregnancies
-I am more organized (done all the checklist, my hospital bags for baby and myself are ready)

Ya Allah, Please help me to easy my baby delivery and may my baby will be a healthy, beautiful baby.