Monday, November 6, 2017

3rd Pregnancy: adik Ashman and Naeem

Hye and Assalamualaikum

I just want to record some of the development of this pregnancy no 3, adik Ashman and Naeem. Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy journey is reaching 25 weeks or equal to 6 months. Sekejap je masa hoiiii. 

This time around, everything seems and feels differently compared to previous pregnancies. How different? Well...

1. Obviously, this time I am pregnant and thyroid-less at the same time. When I had my total thyroidectamy in 2015, I kept wondering whether I will still have the chance to be conceiving again. And when I started my TTC journey since December last  year, the doubt came through and I used to feel that it's ok if I only two kids with Epul because Allah 's plan is the best plan after all. Siapala kita nak mempersoalkan. All we can do is be thankful for things we already have. But, Alhamdulillah, He granted me and Epul this rezeki at the most right time. Syukur. Thus, I have been seeing my endocrinologist in PPUM since the first month of pregnancy. I do blood test for my thyroid hormones such as T3, T4 and TSH monthly! to make sure the levels are at a normal range. Thus, my visit to the PPUM is done twice a month: one with the obstetrician (on Tuesday) and one with the endocrinologist (Friday). Yups, they do not have both clinics on the same day. It's ok baby, mama will do anything to make sure both of us in a good condition. 

2. Why PPUM in congested area of Petaling Jaya? Ok, another significant difference this time because when I was carrying Ashman and Naeem inside my tummy, I went to the Klinik Kesihatan for a monthly maternity check up and went to UMRA after 8 months of pregnancy. However, due to my thyroid issue, I need to do my maternity check up in a hospital where there are both Obstetrician and Endocrinologist, so that it will be easier for them to monitor my thyroid hormones values during my pregnancy. So basically my routine so far is, I will do my blood test (for thyroid) on the same day I meet my ObG (on Tuesday), so that I don't have to come just to have my blood test done. Then, I meet my Endo two weeks after that which is on Friday. And Alhamdulillah, so far, I have no complain even though I need to wait for almost 2 hours to meet the doctors and most of the time I went to PPUM alone. I feel ok as I don't think Epul should waste his time waiting the turn to see the doctor and PPUM is super far from his office in Banting. But, there were some appointments that he took leave to accompany me. And Alhamdulillah, my T3, T4 and TSH levels are at normal range. My endo has not increased my thyroxine dosage since the day I went for a maternity check up because according to them the range is ok, so far. Alhamdulillah. Hope baby is doing good inside.

3. Morning sickness? Yes, I still had my morning sickness this time but not as frequent or as bad as when I was carrying Ashman and Naeem. Alhamdulillah. I managed to control my vomiting this time around or maybe I am more prepared. And, major factor which lead to my smooth pregnancy journey this time is because my mother in law is staying with us. Yes, I still remember when I was pregnant to Naeem, I was struggling every day to send Fahri to my parents in law house (plus the all day sickness and mabuk2). So, it was very tiring. Alhamdulillah, since my MIL came and stay with us over the weekdays, I think it has helped reducing my nauseousness maybe hehe. Syukurrr...

4. Craving? Hmmm not so much different I guess. No specific craving, so far. Just normal craves for my mom's cooking. And this time around, I am more manageable in terms of choosing what I want to eat especially after my thyroidectomy, I become more conscious on my food intake. I really hope I can give the best nutrition to my baby. But upsssss don't know why this time I am so lazy to drink milk. Help! Ok need to improve on this.  

Some of my #cravingsatisfied photos:

5. Perangai pelik? Not to say pelik, but I noticed that (even Epul did notice too), most of new recipes that I tried (usually to satisfy my own cravings), they taste good hihi well at least jadi la...I still remember during fasting month (early weeks of pregnancy), I don't know why I was so rajin to bake the pineapple tarts!! and sedappp haha perasan plak. Then, for the first time ever, my chicken rendang also tastes good after so many fail attempts before haha. And of course my chocolate cake jadi cantik and sedap.Hehe x tau lah pembawakan maybe. Oh ya, I also don't feel like wearing maternity clothes this time. Luckily, I have attires which are loose in shape that still can fit my growing tummy hehe

my first ever tart nenas!

My first successful attempt of baking chocolate cake!

6. Baby's gender? Hmmmm I dare not to confirm anything yet till we have our 4D scan some when this month. 

7. Maternity weight? So far, I can say the progress is similar when I was pregnant for Naeem. At 6 months, I weigh at 61 kg. Well done hehe. So far, I have gained around 7 kg. We'll see how many more kg I will have this time?

Ok, that's all. Just for the record untuk adik baby.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fahri turns 7

Alhamdulillah abg Fahri turned 7 years old on the 30th September 2017. He is all grown up. Thus, there was no fancy birthday celebration this time around. Besides, after so much thought, we want to reduce the intake of sugar in the family (poyo tak ayat ni haha). Thus, we decided just to get him slices of SR cakes instead. ( I know my boys especially Fahri will finish one whole SR cake within two or three days. Just imagine the amount of sugar intake inside the body). Besides, his birthday fell on Saturday which means there were only us (hubby, me and naeem) to celebrate him. So, no need to buy that one whole cake. However, since my Fahri loves eating so much, we treated him with his favorite menus instead! The Chicken Chop and Pizzas..yummiehhh...He was so happy. Alhamdulillah, we still have each other to celebrate and to get together on special and meaningful occasion like this. That matters the most.
 Happy 7th birthday cinta hati mama!
 Abg Fahri yang dah banyak improved in sorts of aspects Alhamdulillah
 Managing two kids at a restaurant always gives me a goose bump. I can't imagine myself handling 3 
 kids by next year in sha Allah...Hoping that all of my children will behave ok sayang2 
 with my nyawa2.
 My handsome gentlemen
 Cheeky Naeem and mr Cool Fahri.. 
 Alhamdulillah Fahri is a very tolerable son. He rarely complains about anything.
 Their true colors haha
 Naeem was so happy for his bro's big day
Us in 2017 💖

My dear son Ashman Fahri,

Words can't describe how proud I am to witness your progress, day by day. Mama always cry especially after seeing you sleep every night because mama just so happy that Allah swt grants you with a pure heart and a good health Alhamdulillah. Allah swt is so kind to always grant all of mama's wishes to see you becoming a better khalifah every day. 

My Fahri dear, at 7 years old, you are such a sweetheart to Naeem as a big brother. You always give in with your brother which touches my heart. You never asks for anything unless we are outside in a mall.

Only Allah knows how happy I am to see you are doing good in school. I guess only papa and mama who truly understand your capability. Don't worry baby. We never judge you because we know the true you. Allah swt is the Best Listener and mama will never stop praying for you sayang. 

Happy birthday and thank you for being a good son and a good brother to Naeem. May Allah swt always bless you with good health and success in the world and hereafter.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hubby's 35th Birthday


I would say this year's hubby birthday celebration was the least happening compared to previous years. Well, here is the story.

4 days before his birthday (3rd July 2017), I got to know that I was pregnant, Alhamdulillah. So, my initial plan was to surprise him with the news on his birthday. But guess what, it turned out that I was having my morning sickness and nauseousness on that particular week. Well, I did organize a surprise flowers delivery few weeks before and was excited about it. However, everything was not going accordingly to my plan because:

1. I can't help it but to reveal the news earlier to him. Pity him. He was supposedly to be the first person getting to know thus I can't keep it any longer within myself. And, my pregnancy symptoms were quite obvious: I was super tired, sleepy and helpless. Thus I had to tell him so that he could help me managing the kids.

2. The surprise flower delivery was a big failure! I was so upset with their service. I asked them to deliver it to my hubby's office and insisted them to call me first once they were ready to make a delivery because they can't provide me the specific time of delivery. And guess what, the delivery guy called me at 1 pm NOON on Friday! And telling me that he could not have the access to the building. I was super angry and kept asking him how on earth he went to do the surprise delivery when everyone is out for Friday prayers????? What was he thinking? And didn't I mention that they need to call me first so that I can check on my husband's location (cause he is not in the office all the time). Guess what, he left the bouquet of flowers at the post guard and switched off his phone. Huhu well done guys for the service! Clap clap clap! 

So, with my helpless condition, I headed to his office (from my office) to get the flowers before he returned to office from Friday prayers. Coincidentally, we planned to meet up at Fahri's school at 2.30 pm because there was a report card meeting with Fahri's teacher. After the meeting, then I surprised my hubby with the flowers (with chocolates) which I kept inside my car. I felt terrible. I said sorry to him for not being able to celebrate him with a surprise-plan like I used to due to my nauseousness. That was the best I could do. Being him, of course he understood my situation. 

Then, at night, I couldn't bare any fancy dinner at a restaurant as I was feeling dizzy and all. So sorry hubby. Thank you for being understanding. But, capturing moments is a must! So, Happy Birthday my sayang! I love you so much! I wish you to be blessed by Allah swt with endless meaningful rezeki and good health. Amiinnn

 We love you papa!
 My kesayangan
 In shaa Allah next year, will think of something else!
Look at my helpless face!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Naeem turns 5

Alhamdulillah..My Naeem is already 5 years old... Being the youngest child for 5 years and In sha Allah next year he will be the abang ngah =)

He started schooling this year and Alhamdulillah now he is doing well with his Reading Book no 4 in Little Caliphs. Surprisingly, his teacher told us that he is very quiet in class compared to other kids. Epul and I were very shocked on knowing that haha because he talked non stop at home.

Alhamdulillah we send him to Iqra class on every Monday to Thursday's nights (together with Fahri). Now Alhamdulillah he already can read the simple and basic verse. How I wish I have the skill to teach the kids on how to read Iqra' ..I mean in the most efficient way. I need to learn more. I really wish I can teach my kids the Quran on my own..In shaa Allah.

Personality wise, Naeem is a cheerful boy but he can be very fierce at times. He hardly make friends, he takes time to make friends with strangers. He is very overly attached to me. Still my manja. The most obvious characteristic of Naeem will be his loud voice haha. Pity him that most of the times we need to teach and guide him on how to tone down his voice haha oh yeah he talks like an adult :D

Alhamdulillah, lately, he eats a lot. I am so happy. I really hope he gets all the good nutrition that he needs. I try to avoid giving my sons fast food and junk food.

As previous years, I bought a birthday cake and put his name as well as atok's as they share the same birthday month. August babies.
 The first birthday cake (the second was celebrated in his school)
 His love towards Ultraman seems will never fade
 My mata bulat boy
 Together with Atok and family (in law)
 with Abang Fahri
 Pahlawan mama
 Love you baby bucuk
 My handsome boy
May Allah guide you and bless you to become a good khalifah in this world and hereafter. Anak soleh mama. Aminnn 💕

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

No 3


I am no good in making announcement thus most of my friends and acquaintances are still not notified that I am actually expecting my number 3. Alhamdulillah. Segala pujian to Him. I guess none of my friends have visited my blog so yeah I feel more comfortable here haha. I am at my 14th week of pregnancy and reaching my second trimester. May my pregnancy journey will be eased by Allah swt and everything will be OK.

Actually, I have been trying for number 3 since few months but I guess it was not that easy. Till to a certain point, I had a thought I am redha if my children are only two. I am thankful enough but at the same time I kept trying and leave everything to Him because His plan is the best plan after all.

This time around, the symptoms are quite different compared to my previous pregnancies:

1. I did not have an implantation spotting as I used to when I conceived for Fahri and Naeem. My UTP test even turned out to be negative when I checked after two days of period delay haha tak sabarrr... After two weeks of period delay (few days after raya) I decided to had another UPT test. This is due to i was having a very bad back ache after returning to Klang and was getting fever. And I remembered on the way to Kelantan from Taiping, I felt so dizzy and vomited inside the car. But I did not expect anything since I have checked the UTP a week back and it was negative. Then, the first day returning to office, I still feel dizzy and having back pain, thus I decided to do aother UPT check. I bought the irregular period UPT consists of two sticks with the thought, if let say the first stick turns out negative, then I will do another one the morning of Epul's birthday, if let say la ade rezeki. So, I went to the loo in workplace and with a little hope (because I was used to negative results for 5 months of trying), but Alhamdulillah I saw the double red lines. I was in shocked for a while. And I was crying for few seconds 😂 Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Actually I wasn't really hoping because I thought the symptom will be similar with my previous pregnancies which I had implantation spotting. I can only thank Allah swt for the good news. Then, I decided to keep the news until Epul's birthday in 4 days time. To surprise him on his special day. But guess what, I just can't keep it to myself because I started to have nauseousness haha.. So told Epul two days after and I am sure he is very thankful. 

2. Surprisingly, my first trimester was not as bad as my previous pregnancies. I do vomiting at times but it wasnt something like before which I vomited each time after I swallow my food! This time around, I can say that I only vomit once in a week. I did vomit in car few times but everything was ok since I was ready with plastic bags and all. In short, I only took one MC so far Alhamdulillah.. it does not affect my performance in work. I am thankful to Allah swt because He is the best planner indeed. He gives us the rezeki when the right time comes. Just imagine, I found out that I was pregnant exactly when the semester break began. Meaning, just the perfect time for my first trimester while I am enjoying my three months break without classes. Actually, I was ready to take unpaid leave for a month after I found out that I was pregnant based on my helpless condition during last pregnancies. Alhamdulillah, so far I managed to go to work and just had minor dizziness at times.

3. It's also different for this pregnancy because I am thyroidless. Human without thyroid. I was too worried at times till I keep this news within my very close friends only. So far, I ve been for two check ups with my endo for my thyroid screening during pregnancy. Alhamdulillah everything is in good condition.

4. Since I do not have a terrible sickness this time, I managed to 'lilit2' my shawls still everyday haha. Unlike previous pregnancies, the only tudung i can put on is tudung sarung! because I just couldn't even look at the mirror last time... Alhamdulillah... I am quite surprised with the different symptoms that I am experiencing for this pregnancy. Syukran ya Allah.

5. Husband is being helpful especially at nights. Thank you love. But of course I already bear in mind that hubby needs to focus more on Fahri and Naeem compared to me as they really need attention.

6. Alhamdulillah Fahri and Naeem, at the age of 7 and 5, they understand my situation and asking me questions about the little bun in my oven at times. They help me sometimes haha when I need a massage. Thank you sayang2 mama.

Thank you Allah swt... May everything will turn out beautifully and may my baby inside will be healthy and grow perfectly shaa Allah

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Raising our little khalifah(s)

Throughout the week, Fahri is having his monthly test in his religious school. And last night, I sat down with him to revise Tauhid subject for tomorrow's test. Naeem as usual, love to give us a company. I revised the topics of 'Rukun Islam' and 'Rukun Iman' with Fahri. Alhamdulillah, he managed to memorized all of the five pillars of Islam and six pillars of Imaan. However, I was wondering, does he really understand the meaning of each pillar that he has memorized. I did some tests and yes, they do not really have a clear picture what are the meaning of those pillars. Then, I started to describe all those related to faith, Allah, shahadah and so on. At certain points, I had to put my description on a piece paper. My two boys with totally different personality. Fahri will listen but not really focus but i guess he already had a background knowledge on what I was trying to describe. While Naeem, he is a very sensitive boy to the extend he cried when I talked about akhirah (hereafter). Now, I have this question in mind;

How to make the kids love listen to akhirah story and not feeling scared about it?

Because, after all that is the meaning of the 5th pillar of iman.

Thus, I guess the way we up bring our children is very crucial and are we on the right track, parents?
I am no perfect Muslim parents as well, but I guess and I have found this article from here which i believe will benefit all of the Muslim parents in shaa Allah. I will highlight some of the powerful thoughts from the article.

Successful Strategies to raise children in Islam:

1. Pray / Dua

“Every success I have seen in my family’s life, I can remember having prayed for it first,” admits one grandmother of three huffadh (memorizers of Quran). “If my dua doesn’t come true in this world, I have faith that it will in the next one, so I have patience.”
 “I recited Surah Maryam every single day of my pregnancy. I want pious children above all else — it’s all that matters.”
Many families shared with me their reliance on Salaat-ul-Istikhaara (Prayer for Guidance) before making any major life-altering decisions and Salaat-ul-Haajah (Prayer for Need) when desiring something they felt was crucial for their children’s well-being. Whenever a blessing appeared in their lives, they were quick to pray Salaat-ul-Shukr (Prayer of Gratitude) as well.
2.  Suhba (companionship) will make you or break you.
“It doesn’t necessarily need to be that it’s the ‘drinking, gambling, partying crowd’ that is holding you back,” muses a mother of elementary school children upon hearing the couple’s history. “I have one set of ‘dinner party friends’ who believe in a ‘children should be seen and not heard’ philosophy. They plant the kids around TV sets and video games while the parents socialize in other rooms. Then I have another group of friends who engage their children in the adult conversations, who don’t keep the younger ones ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It might surprise you to learn that my own kids actually prefer to be around the adults who actually care enough to get to know them.”
3. The Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) was a living, breathing reality in our lives.
When a learned scholar was recently asked, “What should we teach our children?”, his response was swift and unequivocal — “The seerah (biography of the Prophet) and nasheeds (devotional songs of praise). If your kids love the Prophet, they will automatically love Allah.”
With toddlers and pre-schoolers, I noticed that a lot of the parents mentioned the Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) as if he were a relevant person in their lives. They talked about him the way one would talk about any respected elder whom the child adored. It wasn’t unusual to hear parents telling their little ones, “The Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) loved green, so let’s wear our green clothes for Friday Prayer!” or “Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) taught us that we should sit down when we get angry, so let’s sit down since you’re feeling so frustrated.”
While visiting my sister in Southern California one weekend, I noticed that an English translation of Imam Tirmidhi’s “Shama’il” (Characteristics) sat on my six-year-old nephew’s beside table. She explained that it was part of their son’s bedtime ritual for her husband to share one hadith from that famous ninth century text with him. “Learning intimate details, like the fact the Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) enjoyed eating dates with cucumbers, makes our son feel like he actually personally knows the Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam).”
4.  Having fun wasn’t “haraam” in our home, but we kept the home environment as pure as possible.
“If Shaytan (Satan) were to ring our doorbell and ask if he could come in and babysit our children, we would throw him out,” one scholar says, “yet we allow the television set to do exactly that…we literally invite Shaytan in when we turn the TV on!”
“Preserving my children’s fitra (primordial state) is of the highest priority to us,” one mother of two pre-schoolers tells me. “Right now, the difference between right and wrong is so clear in their eyes; they really get it when we explain what’s what to them. The entertainment industry’s depiction of what’s ‘normal’ manages to confuse adults, so just imagine what it does to children!”
“It’s important to replace every haraam you stop your child from with at least two halaals they can enjoy,” advises a popular Muslim family counselor. “You don’t want your children to grow up thinking that Islam is just a bunch of no’s — ‘no, you can’t do this; no, you can’t do that.'” She laughs heartily, “Make it about ‘yes, we can!'”“There is so much fitna (tribulation) out there in the world. We can’t protect our kids from everything bad,” warns a devout grandfather of ten children. “But it is for that very reason that the home must be an oasis where Allah is remembered and obeyed, where children can relax and feel cherished, where they can practice their religion without feeling apologetic or alien. The home environment should be as halaal as possible. Our litmus test was always ‘Would we be ashamed if the Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) were to walk into our house right now? Is there anything we would want to hide?’.”
5. Our parents didn’t just “talk the talk”, they “walked the walk”.
“Children need to see that Islam ‘worked’ in our home,” says another scholar. “Islam isn’t just about praying and fasting and charity. Islam is an attitude that must be infused in the mundane day-to-day dealings with life. Do parents treat each other with respect? How do they react to the ups and downs of life? Do they have a sense of civic responsibility? Children are constantly learning from their parents, even when the parents don’t think they have anything to teach.”
“I don’t get it when I hear mothers telling their kids ‘Don’t tell lies’ and then in the next breath smoothly tell phone callers, ‘Oh, he’s not home right now’ when the husband is sitting right there in front of them,” says a medical school resident who is spending time learning Hanafi fiqh as well. “Or how about when parents teach their kids ‘It’s wrong to backbite’ and then complain about the in-laws to anyone who will listen? 
6. Talk to your kids…with love.
“When your kids are younger, you should take advantage of every opportunity to guide them, remind them, advise them,” instructs an Iraqi father of two girls. “Of course, there’s a fine line between nagging and teaching, between being judgmental and being perceptive. Nevertheless, I encourage my children to look at everything through ‘the eye of discernment’. What does everything around us mean? Why is that billboard saying that their brand of soda will guarantee a successful party? What was the real reason that car driver honked his horn like that? Why does this movie make parents look like bumbling fools? Is having to wait in a long line ever a reason to lose your temper with a bank teller? Talk, talk, talk to your kids! Even if they don’t say anything, believe me, they’re listening!”
7. They had a pious father who engaged them.
A majority of the families I spoke with extolled the virtues of the Amir of the House: the man who led his children in congregational prayer, the father who gently but firmly encouraged both his son’s and his daughter’s sense of modesty, the husband who fulfilled his wife’s rights without demanding his own, the responsible breadwinner, the dad who put a stop to gossip the moment it started, the patriarch who was eager to hasten to the masjid to join the jama’ah (congregation), the Muslim who held fast to his principles (whether it was a father who refused to allow his co-workers to shorten his name from “Mohammad” to “Mo” or the dad who wouldn’t travel on Fridays so that his Jumah prayer wouldn’t be jeopardized). The grown children remember their father’s integrity and quiet examples long after they have entered parenthood on their own, voluntarily choosing to mold their own lives in honor of a man who didn’t force his way of life down their throats when they were younger.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Family Day Al Muhammadi


We successfully organized our Family Day or known as Al Muhammadi Family Day on the 4th of Syawal. Thank you to my cousin Eli for being the mastermind and handling most of the tasks. He even came out with the plan. It was a really excellent idea to have the event on the 4th day of Syawal since most of the relatives and family members were available. Al Muhammadi is actually a name of our beloved late grandfather- Muhammad, my mom's late father. Al Fatihah. Both my grandparents from mother's side had passed away when I was in secondary school. Al Fatihah to both. My mom had 4 siblings and she is the only lady. She has 2 elder brothers (both had passed away few years back) and one younger brother. In total, Al Muhammadi consists of approximately 50 members including cousins, nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles. Two families could not make it at a very last minute which were my uncle Pak Su's family and my brother's family- both families were not able to attend due to health reasons. Hopefully this is not the last gathering we re gonna have so that all family members could join in future.

The family day took place in Permai Resort, Bachok. This was our first time here. The resort is just nice for a family gathering. There are many activities can be done here. We had a one night stay in the resort. We arrived at 2 pm and checked out the next day at 12 pm.
Just arrived! My boys were handsomely dressed at the beach because we were from a Raya visit before straightaway heading to the resort.
Bumped into Fizo Omar. Coincidentally, he was also having a family day there. My husband dah feeling retis. Please forgive him 😁

So, these were among of the activities held on the first day:
1) Lunch (a very late lunch haha)- We had rice with gulai uhhhh sedapnya with sambal...a great catch up for all the family members since it's very difficult for us to gather like this especially me and my family as I am staying in Klang. Most of them are staying in Kelantan. Few in Kuantan and JB.
2) Get ready for the telematch games. We changed attire, wearing our official Al- Muhammadi Family Day T Shirt...yeayyy
3) Telematch time! Some of the games were:

-Candy Flour (blowing flour to find candy)
- Egg and Spoon Race
- Blow and Explode Balloons

Adults games were divided to married couples and singles:

- Egg Toss (the funniest game ever I swear)- The pairs stand about one metre apart, and a raw egg is tossed from one partner to the next.
Those who catch the eggs without breaking them continue in the game, the others are out.
After each successful catch, the players must take one step backward so that the tosses are longer and longer.
- Three Legged Race

with my hmm cousin's daughter...Nurul
Listening to the briefing by my cousin Joe
Look what I managed to snap! Lovebirds were holding hands during briefing session mom and dad.. the most senior members
selfie is a must
the kids were ready for the first game, candy flour!
Fahri was excited but Naeem was a lil bit afraid of i-don't-know-what
The daddies were giving some tips to the kids
Yeayyy Fahri won the second place!
with mummy, Kak Lily, Mun, Kak Za, Kak Ma and Damia
My i wish my brother and his family were here. Oh ya my sister also could not make it due to work call.
Naeem with Tok Wan n nenek
The best part was to spend time with them!
Enjoying the beach side after the telematch games
Selfies with my naka2 menakan yang setahun sekali je jumpa...All are grown up, pretty and handsome!
Group photos! It was really fun!
Candid of us discussing on things or maybe reviewing our selfies haha
After the telematch...the gentlemen went to the pool
At night, we had a barbecue
Then, prize giving ceremony
Yeayy..Fahri's name was called for three times..
Dapat snackss yeayyy
The next morning, before checking out, we had breakfast together
My mom and my aunty (my late uncle's wife), among the seniors in the family..

Overall, it was a really successful event and we really need to have this more in future! Well done ❤