Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Raya 2017 Part 2: Kelantan, Kuantan and KL

We safely arrived in Pasir Mas (my cousin's house) around 6 pm on the third day of Syawal. That was my first visit to their house. Actually we stayed over night at the house before heading to Tok Bali for our family day on the next day. Thank you my cousin Kasyfu and wife Kak Na for the hospitality. Such a beautiful house with amazing scenery. My parents also were staying there for one night. Just look at the views. Breathtaking! The bendang and all..
without wasting time, an OOTD is a must! This kurung I bought at a boutique in Plaza Masalam. Very cheap sebab dah last piece hehe
Cantik kan background suasana macam tu...finally dapat beraya with my mom n sis
with my cousin Kak Na and her kids
my pretty sis
Terharu sangat sebab we reached late at 6 pm so open house rumah cousin ni dah nak habis makanan. So my dear cousin Khalilah masuk dapur balik and cooked this ayam masak merah for us...Sedapppp sangat.. Thank you love.. Tak sempat amik gambar sbb dia bz chef
The next day before heading to Tok Bali, sempat kami nak beraya jap dekat rumah my dad's sister dekat Jalan Telipot.
with my darling cousins
with all the cousins and relatives at my aunty's house

Cerita family day nanti kita buat entry special keh..

After family day tu, we straight away went back to Kuantan and stayed one night before heading to KL the next day because my parents wanted to visit their grandson Irfan (my brother's son) who was having Dengue fever at that time. We reached Kuantan around 6 pm and we stooped by at my aunty's house (rumah wajib) to pray and having dinner. Yeayy dapat jumpa cousins lagi. Memang raya sakan Alhamdulillah.
with my pretty cousin Kak Zura
family my aunty...missing one cousin and her family here

the ladies...

The next day... we headed to KL.. went to my brother's house in Sri Damansara and the final pit stop was at my aunty's house in Kota Damansara
Yeayy finally jumpa nasi dagang

My darling nephew Irfan..Alhamdulillah he is fully recovered
my two pretty cousins
having dinner at my aunty's house 
Photoshoot wajib 
missing my sister here as she had to work during Raya! 

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